Crime Statistics for West Kensington London, W14 – Updated June 2021


West Kensington Crime Statistics

(Crime within a 1 mile radius of W14, source:

In April 2021, the most common form of crime within West Kensington was anti-social behaviour, followed second, by some distance, with Violence and Sexual Offences. Notably, Vehicle Crime, Other Threft and Burglary all feature high up on the list of notable crimes within the area. These are all crimes that a strong private security presence can help to reduce. Simply having a visual deterent in place can support in reducing the levels of crime within an area.

Most common areas for crime in W14 – West Kensington London

Phillimore Walk London Crime

(Highest crime on residential streets within a 1 mile radius of W14, source:

From a crime occurance perspective by residential street around W14, Phillimore Walk and Margravine Gardens are the highest occurance. Shoplifting is at its highest here, where the shops back onto residential areas, and Margavine Gardens suffers from a high level of anti social behaviour. Due to the high level of shopping areas within W14, there is a lot of criminal activity bought to the area for shoplifting purposes. This increases the risk of opportunitistic approaches to crimes such as robbery. Solid mobile security patrols can support in reducing this level of crime.

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