Crime Statistics for West Kensington London, SW5 – Updated July 2021


In our update on the latest crime statistics for London, we look at the SW5 including Philbeach Garden, Bramham Gardens and Nevern Square IX

SW5 Crime Rates

(Crime within a 1 mile radius of W11 – source:

Crime within the SW5 postcode is heavily led by Anti-Social Behaviour and crimes involving Violence or Sexual offences. Common crimes comitted within central London, which has led to our private security teams to be especially vigilante and aware of such occurances. In our time as mobile security patrols throughout central London, we have noted that these types of criminal activity are greatly reduced by the presence of a patrol. Anti-social behaviour especially can be reduced simply by the presence of a marked patrol, or by having the presence of a combination of a manned security patrol alongside a trained dog.  Good prevention measures for this type of activity are paramount, but so is solid first response. This can stop such crimes from escelating. Beyond these two key and prevelant crimes, there are many other types of crime that occur often that private security patrols can support in reducing. Notably, Other Theft, Burglary and Vehicle Crime.

Streets within the SW5 area with the most crimes

SW5 Crime Streets

(Crime within a 1 mile radius of SW5 – source:

Crimes that would benefit from private secuity, street patrols or mobile security patrols within the SW5 area are Nightingale Place, Fane Street and Penywern Street. All have high levels of Violence and Sexual Offences, as well as Anti Social Behaviour problems. Again, these are types of crimes that private security has been proven to ward off.

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